About Me

Hi, I’m Dr. Nancy Kuck , who is working as a therapist for a decade and still serving his profession. Working as a therapist in the last decade, made me sometimes happy and sad. I saw many of my patients recovering from the hurdles, at the same time lose the grip of a chance to overcome pain.

Life as a therapist, give me lots of experience, and soon after I start realizing it I set my goals to help people. I made a team of a therapist near my residence and start crowdfunding too. I was surprised that my voluntary work paves the way to be a great therapist. The more patients I visited, the more knowledge I could gather.

Now, it is high time for me to bring all my experience in my massager guide blog. Therefore, wherever you are sitting next to my blog, you will be benefitted out of it. My goal is to set a long step towards the thousands of miles, and this starting this blog is just the beginning. I will recommend you with every great therapeutic products and tips sharing will be going on and on.

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