CINCOM Back Massager with Heat Review

CINCOM Back Massager with HeatImportant Information!

Dimensions ‎ ‎ 24 x 17.5 x 6 Inches
Color Whole Back/Upgraded
Portable Yes
Massage Nodes 4
Battery Included No
Heat Feature Yes
Weight 7.28 Pounds
Amazon Choice No
Customer Review 4.3

If you are looking for some Ideal Massage Cushions and don’t want to break the bank then you would be able to get something interesting in our review. our review article has come up with diverse massage cushions that are all best in their style and massage modes but what makes them attractive to the users is the affordable price tag.

Reasonable Price

This massage cushion is the most wallet-friendly pick and is coming with an inexpensive price tag that will not demand you to break your bank but will rather give you the best bang for your hard-earned fortune. As compensation for the cheap price, you would definitely, have to compromise some high-end features but considering the available features, it is not a bad choice at all.

Back Massage with Backrest Option

As far as the compensation goes, it is not a very huge price that you have to compromise because the massager is offering only backrest support and the back massage. While missing out on the neck and shoulder massage is not the ideal situation but investing hundreds of bucks as an extra fee for having them on board is not a wise idea. The backrest is the fundamental part and most frequently desired feature in the massager cushions.

CINCOM Back Massager Cushion

CINCOM Back Massager With Heat Features:

For all those people who are on a hunt for amazing backrest support in a comfortable massager cushion, this is the ideal product that is not only offering backrest but also backs massage of various styles ad has various modes. Therefore, it is a very worthy purchase that will allow you to sit either in your comfortable study or office chairs and enjoy the stress-releasing massage of the CINCOM massager cushion.

Most of the massage cushions available in the market are not worthy enough to be considered for practical use but, without any doubt, there are a lot of promising products available in the market. Sorting these worthy products from the forged ones is a bit challenging task and therefore, big retailed and manufacturing tycoons are taking advantage of the situation by increasing the price gap between the imitated and the real products.

This is, obviously, a fair deal but the price gap is huge and is continually widening making the customers short of bucks. This massage cushion is coming in a black color with the backrest the only approach and is very much similar to the normal sofa cushion with slightly practical construction. This slight practical approach is because it is not just offering the back support but rather it is actually,  proving the massaging functions it is not a feature of ordinary cushions.


In other words, this is an ordinary cushion that is simple in its construction and lightweight in design but it does offer three distinct massage modes for distinguishing it from the ordinary cushions. This massage cushion is more like a massage pad that is used for taking a nap placed in the backside of the body as a backrest. As a hack for compensating it against the odds user can trick its use for having a neck or shoulder massage as well.

Place Adjustable:

CINCOM Back Massager is a very small and lightweight product that is nothing more than a massage pad and therefore it would be placed anywhere where needed. This means that you can put this massage cushion on neck support of power or manual recliner and turn on the massaging function of the cushion placed under the neck to use the back massage for the neck. Well, it might not sound like a very wise idea, but you can control the intensity and speed of the massage to tune it according to the settings of a neck massager.

Shoulder Support

You can also use this cushion for having shoulder support but it would be difficult to bind it with the chair or sofa as a neck or shoulder support. In addition to this, users will also find that shoulder support is not an effective massage layout because massage heads are only at the center in a vertical position and not in a horizontal one. For having the shoulder massage, having assage heads in the horizontal layout is important, particularly for a massage pad like this CINCOM manager cushion.

As we stated earlier that you have to compromise on some features as a layoff for the price tag, this is coming in terms of missing the neck and shoulder support. That is the massage cushion is supporting only back massage and you cannot move the massage heads to any other zone like in the neck or shoulder area.

This is not because the massage heads are immobile but because there is no neck or shoulder support present at all in this cushion. But as a brighter side, you would be having a full back massage and have 4 rotating nodes that will be offering kneading motion of up and down rotation and you would be having a soothing massage.

Neck Massage

This nack message will be at its prime functioning in its fill back mode which will provide a deep muscle massage both at the upper back and the lower back at the same time. But if you don’t want to enjoy the full back massage at the same time and enjoy it in bits and shreds, then you can go for either of these options where you would be having the upper back massager and the lower back massage.

Massage Modes

As far as the massage modes are concerned, this product, too, is offering three distinct modes of which the shiatsu is meant for the deep massage, and the modes are only applicable to this style of massage, among the three modes are upper back, lower back and the full-back massage. Furthermore, this cushion is offering three different speeds and is therefore coming with all the important features, to begin with.

The Good
  • Comfortable cushion support
  • Backrest
  • Heating capability
  • 3 massage modes
  • 3-speed options
The Bad
  • Doesn’t feature neck support


Our Final Words
This inexpensive massage cushion is offering you four massage heads and three distinct modes for a full back massage or the individual upper and back massage options, considering its price and the available customization options, it is an important product that must not be missed.

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