How To Get Rid of Muscle Knots

Sometimes, pain starts in some parts of the body mainly in the neck, shoulder, and back. But it can also hold on to your whole body. When pain starts, you most probably try to go through it normally by yourself, but later pain goes on. It will get bad to worse when you stress about it. This pain could be a knot. To get rid of knots massage therapists are trained so they can make you feel better by applying these tricks to your body.


Bodyworks with muscle working and whenever when more than normal work is done, it causes contraction of muscles and makes it hard to stretch this is called knots. It not only contracts one muscle’s cell but knots can be made with the attachments in the fiber of muscles. When we do some activity, our muscles are activated and vice versa. So, when a muscle continuously works for longer, it spasms and forms a knot, and leaves that specific part in pain.

Causes of Knots: 

Knots are caused by collapse due to an accident. Stress is one of the main causes of knots as human beings we’re stressed. While overworking muscles get stressed and create knots. If this will not happen massage therapists will run out. But as we deal with knots so, massage therapists are there for us to cure that knot.

How to get rid of Muscles Knots

How to Get Rid of Muscle Knots by Massage Therapists?

To feel the knots in the muscle massage therapists are educated. They find the tension and then cure it. They release it by applying compression on the points with their fingers and thumb by holding it for some seconds which could be 30-40 seconds. It can be released by doing this for more than one time till the knot dissipates. This type of compression causes a little bit of pain because of the pressure on that certain point but massage therapists are trained to make it handily for the client while performing the technique.

Massage therapists use different techniques to get rid of massage knots.

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Techniques of Massage Used by Therapists: 

After the compression technique, therapists use some other techniques like doing oil massage. Using effleurage movements, layout oil on the body on specific points where knots occur and rub by rolling fingers slowly because abrupt movement causes more pain.

Different therapists use different techniques to deal with their clients.

While working on the scapula area some therapists find the volume of the knot firstly they use fingertips to make small circles around the scapula area. After determining, use double hand fingers moving in the same way so tissues get warm, and then getting massage client feels relax.

The same they do with other parts where they find knots. By covering all areas, they complete their therapy with kneading movements.

Massage therapists also use the method of Cold Compress and Hot Pad for Therapy. Because the icing or cold compression lessens the blood flow swelling can be reduced. And using a hot pad relaxes the tight muscles.

Long strokes, deep circular movements are used by some therapists but this is usually known as classic massage. Because it is for those people having fragile muscles and need gentle therapy.

The massage done to the athletes mostly is known as sports massage. To release their knots massage therapists use techniques like hacking, trigger pointing, etc.

Warming up the muscle before doing further massage is always a good step. Doing the forearm circles round the neck while a client is standing is another way to lose the knot. After this, voiding the thumb with the spine out to scapula pop the knot. They use double thumbs for the stretched areas. This chomping breaks down the knots and makes the body more able to work properly by releasing these toxins. To make the mood relax, some use soft lighting and music.


By doing massage yourself, it is always good enough to contact the massage therapists and release your painful knots from them. Because they are well trained and aware of almost every problem. Because, if it is done on its own sometimes, it goes from low to a high one and causes some severe problem.

FAQs Related to How to Get Rid of Muscle Knots

  1. Is it beneficial to do massage therapy?

It is very beneficial because by doing routine work as a human being it’s part that we’re stressed. Whenever we do more work our power muscle does not function properly. So, it’s really helpful to take massage therapy. Therapy increase immunity, mental health, physical fitness, range of motion.

  1. Does massage hurt?

Massage is a way to release the stress it is not hurtful. But in case, if too much pressure is applied then it can cause pain. If you feel like it, then instantly speak up to your therapists. Some methods can cause soreness but generally, massage does not hurt.

  1. Is it necessary to undress while massage?

You can undress yourself according to your comfort level. If you are taking a full body massage then you have to undress. But nowadays, massage therapists work round dress in which he/she keep you left to relax and best as he/she can. They should give privacy to the client so that it makes them comfortable to get on the table.

  1. Does massage take too much time?

No, massage does not take a lot of time. Generally, it lasts an hour. In fact, when there is just a knot to release it takes only a few minutes.


Massage therapists, use their skills to make relaxed and comfortable to their clients. Most therapists use the same techniques but some choose the different way. Trigger pointing, calm and slow movements make work easy. Some knots are so severe that they can be only ridden by some surgery.

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