Perfect Touch Masseuse Heated Massage Cushion Review

Perfect Touch Masseuse Heated Massage CushionImportant Information!

Brand Homedics
Dimensions ‎ 34.63 x 10.13 x 20.5 Inches
Color Bronze
Portable Yes
Massage Styles 4
Power Source Corded Electric
Heat Feature Yes
Weight 27.26 Pounds
Control App Controlled
Customer Review 4.3

Ideal Gift

If you are looking for some cool gift ideas for your mom or dad then you must have thought about buying a Massager for them. The massager is the most pleasing gift for parents and grandparents, considering the usability and need of the product. Massager will not only give them some vibration to get comfort but rather it will ward the stress off and let the user have a clear mind free of worries.

As it is a significant gift item, so it needs to be the best and that’s what Homedics is committed to. Homedics is a popular brand that is committed to its cause of providing comfort and a stress-free living style to all modern households. Massager holds an important banner of their cause because it will relieve the stress and present you with a relaxed and motivating start to begin working your tasks out.

Relax Muscles & Nerves

The massager is not only for relaxing the muscles as it can also relax your nerves which have been drained or choked due to various dilemmas and daily stresses. This is because when you will be sitting on the massager and receiving the vibration or deep muscle massage, all of the attention will be diverted from daily dilemmas and nerves would be in a positive state for a while releasing the negative energies which were secretly draining your strengths out.

Perfect Touch Masseuse Heated Massage Cushion Features:

This is a massage cushion for the chair or sofa and can be used anywhere ranging from the home user to the office because of its portability and simple construction. This massage cushion is coming with all the significant features that are mandatory for a massage to have. As far as the visual appeal is concerned this popular model is right on the target.

The grey and black combo of its design with intermittent white straps are very well received by the customers and due to the addition of light colors with tinges of black, this massage cushion is complementary with all sofa colors. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the mismatched color and can openly use this product with much confidence in its good looks and efficiency.

Coming towards its benefits as a massager, you would be in a position to have the most comfort out of your chair, sofa, or even recliner. This massage cushion is offering neck and back support that is a very critical element missing in most latest massage cushions or even chairs. To help overcome this stereotype, Homedics has taken the initiative and brought this massage cushion which will offer you maximum relaxation and comfort.

As the massage cushion is built for giving the massage, therefore without any second thought, massage modes are the foremost considerations that will affect the overall strength and performance of the product. This amazing massage cushion is offering 4 different massage modes. These modes include the deep kneading shiatsu which is meant for giving deep massage at the pressure points of the body.

Certain pressure points in the body and head will be having sensory areas where entering pressure could release the negative energies and reduce the stress. These pressure points are also helpful in traditional medicinal treatments like the Chinese acupressure theory. According to this conventional theory, there are four pressure spots in the heads, and massaging these areas will lead to a reduced headache if any.

So, this massager will work effectively on the pressure points and will be very helpful in curing your headaches and curtailing your migraines. The second mode is invigorating recursion that is meant for deep tissue massage for relaxing muscles after intense workouts or exercises. This deep tissue massage is the most frequently carried out massage and each one of you must have used it once in a while for relaxing your mind and body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is for the neck and back and these will provide a relaxing state for muscles in which they don’t have to carry on the internal energy as the massager will provide this energy coming out of vibrations or the massage heads that are being charged by the utility lines or battery. In this relaxed state, muscles will not be much excited and they don’t have to feel the burden of extensive workouts or exercises that would otherwise have to lead them to strenuous activity.

Rolling Massage

Gentle rolling is for providing comfort under normal conditions and takes away body aches. While the last one is the percussion combination which is designed for giving alternative massages with each massage experience. In addition to this, you can have three distinct massage zones and different spots with this cushion. This massager has four massage heads in the back and these heads are static which means they will not move out of their positions.

Massage Heads

The massage heads are the primary factor in the massager and are relative to the hands of the human body which are used for massaging in physical terms. So, these massage heads will exert pressure on the pressure areas or massage points and let the users enjoy a joyous and comfortable sitting.

Heat Function

Although it is a good massager yet there is a certain downside of it comparative to the rivals available at this price tag. This massager cushion doesn’t have an inbuilt heat function and users can install it afterward by paying some extra bucks. That is you have to buy the heat function independently of the massager cushion and this will lead to paying some additional fortune which is definitely, not a satisfactory feature.

Good Things
  • Smart control
  • Adjustable height
  • 4 massage styles
  • Backrest
  • Neck and shoulder support
Bad Things
  • Heat feature needs to be paid separately


Our Final Words
Considering all the very pleasing features of this massage cushion, it is undeniably a very wise investment and ought to be given a try at any cost. This massager cushion is the finest piece of technology using which, users will be able to receive the four distinct massages at the comfort of home. Therefore, buyers of this massager cushion don’t have to go to spays or salons for relaxing themselves or having a deep muscle massage.

Perfect Touch Masseuse Heated Massage Cushion Review

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