RENPHO Shiatsu Back Massager Review

RENPHO Shiatsu Back MassagerImportant Features!

Material Plastic
Heat Feature Available
Dimensions 31.81 x 17.87 x 8.27 Inches
Brand RENPHO/td>
Color Black
Weight 14.77 Pounds
Power Source Corded Electric
Customer Review 4.3

RENPHO Shiatsu Back Massager

RENPHO Shiatsu Back MassagerIf you are looking for a corded electric massager then you would be having many options in the market as most of the massager cushions coming these days are corded electric ones while a few are also coming as cordless battery-driven products, but due to the current scenarios, the cordless massagers are not that popular among the masses due to short runtime and battery drainage problems.

But this doesn’t mean corded electric massagers are the only big option in the market because many AC-powered massagers are prevalent in the market which can be connected to any AC supply line be it inside a vehicle or the utility power line inside your home or office.

This is another corded electric Massager Cushion that is a perfect fit for the office or home massager or recliner sidekick. If you have got a recliner that is stuck up or doesn’t feature massaging capabilities, you don’t have to go buying a brand new recliner or massager. This is because you can save your bucks by purchasing a massager cushion that would go perfectly with the chair or sofa beside the recliner.

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This massager cushion is coming with a perfect fitting size that is based on the straps coming with it. These straps are used for hooking up the cushion massager with the sofa or chair that you intend to use for massaging. This perfect size is not just due to straps because the cut and design of the massager cushion are made in a way that it can easily take up any place, be it the chair in your office or the sofa in your dorm.

Besides its perfect size, this massage cushion is also offering you a comfortable ride, all through the massage time and this is because it has a seat pad and neck and shoulder support other than the backrest. This massager cushion is not just about neck and shoulder support because the whole purpose of its creation was to provide comfort and relaxation to users. This massager is good with both of these traits and is, therefore, a perfect choice for an affordable massager cushion.


This massager cushion is designed for all those users who are looking for something extra from the normal. This massager is built with the whole purpose of invading the cushion massager market and is quite successful in its cause because this item is offering counter features to its rivals with a couple of add ons at comparable price tags.

Massage Heads

This massager has 8 massage heads at the backrest zone while the 4 at the neck zone and this is way too higher than the 2 or 4 massage heads in most common massage cushions. But this increased value is not only to satisfy the numeric as increased massage heads will cover a large area and you would be able to have a full back massage with more vigor and intensity.

Normally the massager cushion available in the market are coming with only four head beads that take up enough area to give a good massage at the backrest but that wouldn’t be enough for a deep muscle massage or the shiatsu massage. To overcome this problem modern-day massage cushions have tried to increase the number of massage zones and the head beads which produce vibration or the heat as set by the remote control that you have opted for.

This is also efficient for neck massage as this is the least concerning spot and will be really helping the corporate world relaxing their neck and shoulders from the aches arising due to the prolonged screen use for official work. Another massive distinction of this massager is its heat function which is a great feature to boast off.

Heat Functionality

This massager allows for heat function at all the massage zones and unlike some aforementioned products, it won’t restrict the heat to only the backrest or seat. This massager is fully customizable and besides, selecting the mode and massage style, users can also choose the desired height and the speed of the massage.

The intensity of the massage and vibrations can also be controlled along with the heating function. This means you can select the deep muscle massage style and for the mode, you can go for the full-back with or without heat function. This is an amazing addition to the massage control menu and using its remote control interface you would be having all the commands over the customization and settings of the product.


As for the customization control of the massager actions, this massage cushion is fully supportive of it and doesn’t restrict the tuning or wireless control according to the needs and conditions of the customers who are going to use it for their good. This massage allows for the adjustable seed, intensity, mode zone, or style of the massage.

That is to say that first of all you have to select the massage style from the available options under the menu and then go for the massage zone choosing the back neck or even the upper or lower back. After that, you can choose the speed, intensity, and heat function all of which will be applied to the style that you have just chosen.

  • Adjustable height
  • Neck and shoulder support
  • Heat production
  • 8 massage modes
  • 4 massage heads
  • No Seat Massage


Our Final Words
RENPHO Shiatsu Back Massager With heat is quality massager coming with 8 kneading massage styles and 8 heads is the best among the massage cushions with extra value for intensity and speed of the massage. It would be wise decision to buy for back pain.

RENPHO Shiatsu Back Massager Review

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