Shiatsu Pro Plus Heated Massage Cushion Review

Shiatsu Pro Plus Heated Massage CushionImportant Information!

Brand Homedics
Dimensions ‎ 27.5 x 5.11 x 18.11 Inches
Color Black & Gray
Portable Yes
Massage Zones 3
Soothing Heat Yes
Weight 7.05 Pounds
Customer Review 4.4

Had a very tiring day? Suffering from stiff muscles and backache? Want to relieve your stress and just relax? If your answer to all these questions is Yes! Then, my friends, you need Shiatsu Pro Plus Heated Massage Cushion for relaxation.

As the years go by, an individual’s stress levels have increased exponentially. Considering this alarming factor, the HoMedics brand has launched many massage appliances for sports, home, and even office. Some come as massage cushions while others are handheld designed for office and home use.

The brand also excels in designing massage appliances for sports enthusiasts which include some portable ones that are so compact that they can easily squeeze into your gym bag. Similarly, for soothing your foot muscles, the brand offers foot massage appliances.

Shiatsu Pro Plus Heated Massage Cushion is the enterprise’s top-notch product. This cushion comes at an affordable price and has ideal vibration technology along with multiple functions incorporated in it. Its ergonomic structure and great functions make it certainly one of the best massage cushions.

Shiatsu Pro Plus Heated Massage Cushion Features:

Shiatsu Pro Plus Heated Massage Cushion comes in shades of black and grey. The cushion is elegant to look at. Its elegance is due to its breathable fabric which is extremely durable and soft to touch. It’s cost-effective and comes with an instruction manual and a programmable controller.

The cushion displays great aesthetics. It’s quite a beauty. Its stitching is good and provides a great amount of comfort to its users. The seat is soft providing you with a good massaging experience.

The seat is perfectly stitched with the back. It is finely padded for a soft feel. The seat is quite wide and is wrapped up in a soft and breathable fabric. While the vibration and other massaging features are on, the seat would remain firm and won’t slide off to ruin your comfort and fun.

Shiatsu Pro Plus Heated Massage Cushion is very different from massage chairs. It’s a cushion that can be placed on any chair. It doesn’t come bound to any chair. Its design makes it portable. You can use it while traveling, at home during office work, or even while camping.

This portable beast would provide you with superior performance. It sports 7.05 pounds in weight. As for its dimensions, it has 16.38 inches in height. It’s 26.14 inches long and 5.12 inches wide. Its dimensions make it compatible with almost any sort of chair.

Unlike the other massage chairs, this cushion comes with integrating straps that you can use to fit and relax on the chair you desire. By fitting in the cushion on the chair with straps and plugging into the outlet, you get to enjoy an awesome ride towards relaxation. You can fit it in your car chair or even use it while traveling.

This versatile cushion sports a dual kneading shiatsu feature which enables you to get a full back massage and helps you get rid of those sore muscles. It’s more reliable and remarkable as compared to a professional masseuse. It deeply massages your muscles and improves your blood circulation levels as well.

The dual kneading shiatsu massage style is quite incredible. Getting inspired by the Japanese kneading shiatsu style massage, this dual kneading shiatsu massage style has been incorporated in it. Your whole back is massaged while at certain spots pressure is applied to ease up your soreness.

For lumbar strain and tight shoulders, this massage style is quite effective. With this, all your pain will go away. Equipped with vibration technology, this great massage cushion is fully customizable. You can adjust the vibration’s intensity to a more mellow and soft form which provides great relief to you.

This is the feature that distinguishes it from the Shiatsu XL Massage Cushion. The Shiatsu XL Massage Cushion lacked this vibration customizable feature. Shiatsu Pro Plus Heated Massage Cushion thankfully provides this spec. You can adjust the vibration by using the programmable controller that comes along with it.

The programmable controller provides you with great customization. You can select the back zone which you want to massage. With the controller, you can choose to massage your entire back or even massage your upper or lower back with just a click.

Another amazing feature is the amount of heat you want to experience. This heating feature is optional. If you want to enjoy the warming sensation as well, you can just switch to the heating feature. The soothing that this heat provides is totally out of this world. The soreness and tightness of muscles will fade away in an instant.

During cold winter, the heating function can be used to effectively get rid of cold and to warm yourself up. With this heating function combined with vibration and Shiatsu massage, you get to experience optimal relaxation. It is certainly an amazing device!

Now, the most crucial question is how to find the cushion that is compatible with your height and weight? The wonderful HoMedics brand has made it easy for you. Their products come with various weight and height guidelines. These guidelines will tell you whether the cushion is good for your height or not! Also, the brand has warned not to use this product for more than 15 mins.

In the end, the Shiatsu Pro Plus Heated Massage Cushion is surely a gem that is not only well-priced but packages in it a lot of features, all designed to ease your stress and help you live a stress-free life in this stressful world. Investing in it won’t cost you your kidneys!

  • Portable design
  • Great performance
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable vibration
  • Optional heat function
  • For some tall individuals, this cushion may too small


Final Words
Shiatsu Pro Plus Heated Massage Cushion is a versatile, flexible, and portable design massage cushion that provides you 3 zone back massage coupled with incredibly adjustable vibration technology. It even delivers a  heating function. Its functionality and affordability certainly make it worth your purchase.

Shiatsu Pro Plus Heated Massage Cushion Review

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