TENKER Shiatsu Back Massager with Heat Review

  • Comes with a twelve-month (quality of the product) warranty
  • Have an essential massaging chair pad option
  • The vibration level can be set at three different points
  • Comes with three perfect types of massaging options
  • Possess the heat therapy option
  • Back rollers are a little hard

TENKER Shiatsu Back Massager

TENKER Shiatsu Back Massager with Heat

This TENKER Shiatsu Back Massager is another top-rated product among the massaging cushions, as it comes with wonderful, enhancing features. This massaging cushion is designed according to the latest technology and according to the needs of the customers. Besides, it can provide the whole back massage plus the hip and thigh massage also.

This product can be used anywhere, as it contains a convenient and easy, adjustable structure. You can use it by placing it on your couch, at your office chair, inside the car, a sofa, etc. plus, It contains different massaging options, and working criteria according to your need. You can use it either for full or for specific massage.


The structure of this massaging cushion is designed for back massage (whole back area) and can be easily adjusted at any of your sitting places like a sofa, at the car’s seat, at your office chair, etc. Its convenient body contains 10.6 pounds’ weight plus 31.89 x 7.87 x 17.72 inches dimensions.

This is a perfect size to cover your entire back area plus thigh area for massage. Most of all, the set comes with remote control. This remote control makes it a convenient product, plus makes it stand among the latest products. You can make and change the setting and adjust the product with this remote control while sitting on the cushion.

Perfect Shiatsu Massager for Back Area

It can work perfectly in the back area of your body and makes you relaxed and tension-free. It comes with the four massage nodes, which possess the quality level of shiatsu, in the next (coming) heading these nodes are well explained. The Shiatsu massage means that the cushion gives a therapeutic quality massage experience.

Moving nodes / gives the best massage while rotating at your entire back

One of the most essential elements and attractive features of this massaging cushion is its ‘moving massaging nodes’, as the name itself is showing its function. You can set the product for general massage, its nodes start moving upward, then downward and the process gets repeating itself.

This repetition remains continues and gives your back area (whole part) smooth and calm feelings plus removes the stress and tiredness of muscles. This essential element is new and now getting trendy. As it can feel like something soft is happening around the spine area plus neck area.

Three Perfect Types of Massaging Options

You can set this massager for full-back massage through the rolling nodes or you can set it at three different points to get the massage therapy over a fixed area (which you find more tired and stiff). These three massaging option zones include;

The Upper Area of the Back

If you have some neck problems, or you work at the office desk mostly, you may feel your upper back or neck area more stiffed. This massaging cushion can be set to get relaxation in your neck area perfectly. Plus, if you place a cushion in between the neck and the massaging cushion, the results will be much better, and you’ll get soothing results.

Full Back Massage

If you have some backache and need therapy, there’s no need to go anywhere. Instead, you can use this massaging cushion. Just need to make a setting on it for the full-back massage and enjoy the therapy. It’ll make your whole back and spinal cord relaxed and gives you a fresh feeling, free of stress.

Lower Back Massage

The setting of this massaging cushion can also be made to get the lower region massage of your back. People with sitting works (who sit mostly while working) may get pain inside their lowest area of the spine. This cushion can give this area perfect therapy and removes all knots.

Comes With the Heat Therapy Option

Another essential feature of this product is its heating massage therapy. You can make a setting over this massaging cushion to get the warm massage therapy, which makes your back area, shoulders, neck, etc. tension-free. It is the heating therapy rollers, which rotates and removes the stress plus stiffness under your muscles.

Massaging Chair Pad

A distinguished and attractive quality of this product is its massaging chair pad because it’s a perfect thing for people who like massaging therapy of their thigh and hip area. While making a setting for a full massage, its sitting area can give your thighs and hips perfect therapy and makes their knots clear.

After coming from the office, or tiring work, there’s no need to go for a thigh massage, or to remove your hip and thigh knots. Just set this massaging cushion on your sofa. Sit with a relaxed posture and make a set of its pad, and it’ll remove the stress out from legs within no time.

Vibration Massaging Modes

High-level vibration massage is liked by most people, but everyone likes different vibration intensities. For instance, few people like relaxed and slow style massage for which you can make its setting at the light intensity of vibrations. As, this product contains three different levels of vibration intensities, and can be chosen according to the user’s need.


The warranty options of this massaging cushion make it catchy. it possesses thirty days guarantee which is money-back if you find any fault in it. Plus, you can claim the company is about the first twelve months (one year), if any technical issue arises in the machinery. These offers make it a reliable product to trust.


This is an amazing massaging cushion with some essential and advanced level therapy features. for instance, its vibration levels can be set perfectly at three different points according to your choice, gives a perfect therapy for 15 minutes continually, comes with 30 days guarantee (money back), etc.

TENKER Shiatsu Back Massager with Heat

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