Ultimate Guide For Fixing Back Pain Using Massage

Ultimate Guide For Fixing Back Pain Using Massage

Back pain is a common problem amongst adults that can occur due to various reasons. Improper way of lifting, lack of activeness, normal wear and tear are the main causes. Back pain can also be caused if a person sits in a bad posture or bends his body forward when indulged in prolonged activities.

There are usually two types of back pain. One is acute back pain which persists for not more than three months. The other one is chronic back pain which can last longer. Massage can provide relief to both the pains however it is more effective on acute back pain.

Treatments for back pain include medication, usage of heat or ice, and rest. However, massage is helpful for symptom relief in the short term. Therapists are the experts of massage but you can also try self-massage to ease out the back pain.

The Ultimate Guide for Fixing Back Bain Using Massage

With the help of some tools and techniques, a back massage can be given to a person. One thing to always remember is that you should never apply pressure directly on the spine. Gentle pressure is preferred to avoid any mishap or injury.

Steps to Follow While Massaging

The person receiving the massage should be lying on their stomach on a massage table or mat. The person should remove their shirt or wear something loose-fitting so that the message can be applied to the skin.

A pillow should be placed under the breastbone and rolled towels below the ankles and forehead. Taking massage oil in the hands, spread the oil across the person’s back using smooth and light strokes. After that, you can start massaging following different massage techniques.

Palm circling can be used in which you make circular motions on the lower back area. You can also carry out muscle lifting keeping your fingers straight, spreading your thumbs wide, and levitating the muscles of the lower back by your turning wrist.

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Start thumb circling by approaching the person’s feet and using your thumbs to deliver gentle strokes from mid-back towards the hip area. This should be repeated two times. Lastly, use muscle lifting as before near the hips. Once you are done with these steps, you can use some more techniques to further ease the pain.

Repeat these steps on the other side of the back. End the massage by following these steps on both sides at the same time. Knuckling can also be tried, in which you make fists with both hands and rub across the middle back and hip area using light strokes avoiding the spine.

Try back spreads by opening your hands and moving them through the back and the hips. Finally, place your hands on both sides of the back and move them back and forth to finish the massage.

Types of Massage Used to Treat Back pain

There are several types of massages used for the treatment of back pain. Therapeutic massage is one of them. This massage can be of any kind as it targets a particular area of your body to relieve pain and stress.

Another type of massage is a Deep Tissue massage. However, to carry out this massage, you would need a massage expert. This massage exerts more pressure on your body in order to reach connective tissues and muscles deeply. Other types of massage include shiatsu massage, Swedish massage, and sports massage.


Self-massage can also be done if you can go to a therapist or don’t have a person to massage your back. Lie with your face up on a mat and place two tennis balls below your back. Fold your knees and slowly move your body up and down so that the tennis ball rolls with your back.

You can try self-massage with the help of a foam roller. Simply place it under your back while lying on the mat with your face upwards. Exert pressure on the roller to trigger the area of back pain. You may roll the roller foam across your back to relieve pain and tension.

Benefits of back massage

Massaging your back may provide you with the following benefits

  • Relief from short-term pain
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Ease out pain and discomfort
  • Relax muscles


This was our comprehensive guide for fixing back pain using massage. You can follow these massage techniques to feel better. However, if the condition lasts for a longer period of time, we suggest you see a doctor for a professional guide. We hope this article will bring some benefit to you and help you relieve your back pain. Good luck!

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