What are Benefits of Vibrations in Massage?

benefits of vibrations in Massage

Scientifically proven facts suggest that vibration helps maintain blood circulation in target parts. It decreased muscular tension, thus relieving you of stress and anxiety.

Massages are a way of releasing stress or the body of the pain. By manipulating the soft tissues of the body through different massage techniques including rubbing, kneading, and applying pressure pain is eased which is also proven to be helpful for anxiety and depression. Moreover, it has also improved the sleeping cycles by making them more restful and relaxing. Research has shown that massages boost your immune system and relieve painful headaches.

Different Types of Massages

There are various types of massages including Swedish massage which is best suited for people who are sensitive to touch and are generally new to it. A hot stone massage is similar to Swedish massage except the masseur will utilize the hot stones too. An aromatherapy massage is ideal for people who also need some emotional therapy with a massage. Deep tissue massage, sports massage, trigger point massage, reflexology, shiatsu massage, Thai massage, prenatal massage, and chair massage are the different types of massage that relieve the tension in muscles.

What Are Vibrations In Massage?

There is yet another technique used in massage which is said to be one of the most effective techniques in an attempt to gain relaxed muscle and a stress-free body which is vibrations in a massage. Vibration is merely a shaky motion and you must be wondering how these work so effectively in massages. After reading this article you will know exactly what vibrations in massages are. This technique involves pressing and releasing the tissue in different directions including upwards, downwards, back, and forth. The purpose of this movement is to bring about a trembling yet tingly sensation.

Vibrations in massage are used to promote stimulation and increase blood flow. These are typically used for tight muscles, by increasing circulation of blood and raising the temperature of softer tissues. The temperatures rise due to friction and also increase blood circulation. As the muscle fibers are released there is more movement in the muscle. This results in cellular exchange which is transporting oxygen and nutrients which makes your muscles healthy. Vibration in massage is also said to increase blood circulation back to the heart through increasing venous.

Types of Vibration Techniques:

Whole-body: In this type, the entire body of the person being massaged is given vibration therapy.

Localized: In this type, only a specific body part is given vibration therapy through a smaller vibrating massage device.

Health Benefits of Vibrations Massages

Several health benefits are linked with the vibration technique of massage and we will enlist and describe a few.

Bone Density and Muscle Strength

According to research and clinical experiments, it is found that vibrations in massages have proven to be improving bone density and may even stimulate bone formation. It has also strengthened muscles for older adults. But these results would depend on the intensity of vibration as well.


These vibrations in massages are often offered after the massage is done to give further relaxation to the client. Full body relaxation is gained, blood circulation is improved with underlying muscles being further relaxed.

Pain Relief

These vibration massages are proven to be pain relieving even without the use of any medication. This makes the afflicted area numb and makes the muscle relaxed near this area which minimizes the level of pain. If the affected area cannot be massaged directly then areas beside the affected area can also be massaged to provide some relief.

Other health benefits of vibration massage include improvement of the digestive system, boost in metabolism, decrease in muscle and joint pain, and glandular activity is stimulated. Vibration massages penetrate deeper into the muscle therefore it is more effective than a regular manual massage. Manual massages can be a bit painful whereas vibration massages are completely pain-free and provide significant results in rather 10-15 minutes which is equivalent to an hour of a manual massage.

Massage Cushions

People are also shifting towards massage pillows to gain the same benefits including pain relief, stress reduction, and anxiety. These massage pillows are said to be therapeutic but are not a substitute for a proper manual or vibration massage. There is a wide variety of massage cushions available in the market but they are aiming to serve the same purpose. Massage cushions use nodes, rollers that move in a certain direction to provide you simulation for your muscles and relieve the pain.

Massage cushions are also at times heated to further enhance the effect but this would completely depend on the person’s preference or doctor’s recommendation. Moreover, these massage cushions also use air pressure for expanding and tightening purposes around the area that needs to be massaged. Again these aim to improve blood circulation to create a relaxing effect for the muscle. This massage cushion also uses the vibration technique to nullify the soreness.

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Risks of Vibrating Machines

Although there are countless health benefits attached to vibrations in massages there are some downsides to it too which should not be forgotten because they may cause side effects instead of treatment. Frequent use of vibrating machines can adversely affect your spine so it is always recommended to use a vibrating massager after consulting a doctor. It may also make you more prone to get cardiovascular disease, digestive problems, frequent headaches, and nerve damage. People who have an acute hernia, diabetes, migraine, epilepsy, hip or knee replacement, cancer, tumor, thrombosis, and are pregnant must not use vibrating machines without the prescription of a doctor. This is because misuse of such machines can have long-term side effects which could be way too difficult to be reversed.

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