What are the Different Types of Massage Therapies ?

There are many types of massage therapies that can be applied over different parts of the body plus are beneficial in different ways. Some of them are common, some are highly beneficial and a few of them treats serious diseased patients like cancer, arthritis, etc.

Plus, different massage therapists are trained to provide specific massages and have their specialties like any other medical field. This article is all about some best types of massage therapies that are highly beneficial and commonly used in different parts of the world.

Let’s have a look over some best types of massage therapies one by one:

Swedish Massage

This is a common and most used form of massage. That can apply to the complete body and is called full-body massage. It is not only beneficial in reducing the stress level but also is truly helpful for people who are new to massage. Plus, sensitive areas can’t get damaged through this form of massage and is safe for sensitive body forms.

It can be used to get yourself self-relaxed plus manages the small pains or temporary pains in different parts of the body. Different massage techniques are applied under this form like deep circular motions which are quite effective for relaxation, tapping, and vibration for soothing effects.

Aromatherapy Massage

This is an emotional healing massage form that is quite perfect to choose for those who want to get emotionally relaxed and better. As it can truly boost your mood and positive emotions are dominated. You can truly feel the depression and anxiety level reduced after this massage therapy.

Reduces muscle stiffness and tenderness, so the muscles will be relieved of tension. Depression symptoms are truly treated through it. Essential oils are used under this massage therapy plus it is applied through gentle level pressure so you can’t get irritated.

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Sports massage

If you have gone under some injury after any sport or playing time, this form of massage can be applied to relieve the pain to some extent. Plus, continuous usage or sessions of the massage helps in reducing the chances and risk levels of getting in touch with the injury as it boosts your strength and flexibility level.

It can apply like a full body massage plus can also be focused on a specific area. This form of massage can be applied over certain level injuries only and with the recommendation of the doctor, otherwise, the injury can get worn if it is wrongly used.

Hot Stone Massage

This is for simple relaxation time as well as to get rid of muscle stiffness. This is quite similar to Swedish massage therapy but is different in the way that heated stones are used in its therapies. It can not only reduce the level of pain but also helps in increasing the blood flow of a patient or person undergoing this massage.

Other than increasing the blood flow it helps in releasing the muscle tension and boosting up your stamina. Plus, you can properly feel the difference in your stress level before and after the therapy. Heated stones are placed over different parts of the body during the massage session which affects quite well.

Deep Tissue massage

If you have any form of chronic muscle problems then you can use this form of massage. It is a little similar to the Swedish massage form but the pressure is applied with more force in this massage therapy. Deep finger pressure plus slow strokes are applied to remove the tenderness of muscles.

This massage can be of sixty minutes and last up to ninety minutes maximum. This deep massage is applied with proper technique that even after such strong pressure you can not get the swelling or any kind of injury in your muscles.


This article is all about the different best types of massage therapies that are used in different regions of the world. There are certainly other types too, but we have discussed commonly used ones. Read the article before getting indulged under different muscle therapies.

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