What is Massage Therapy?

What is Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is predominantly a hands-on technique practiced since ancient ages. It involves holding, moving, or applying pressure to your muscles and soft and connective tissues. It can alleviate pain in patients having chronic diseases such as cancer.

Massage therapy is not a new thing, as it has been a part of our history from long ago. Also, always been considered one of the best ways to keep yourself relaxed. Plus, under different diseases, distinct massage therapy techniques are getting used to giving the patient soothing time.

All around the world, messages are being kept in different styles, even you can say it is one of the topmost professions in a few regions. This article will elaborate on the basic idea of massage therapy plus its positive and negative effects, so keep reading the article below.

In the first step, let’s understand Massage Therapy;

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage means giving soothing effect (manipulating) to different parts of the body, for making (that part’s) tissues relaxed and removing the tenderness in such area. Massage Therapy is the application of massage by a specific person or trainer or medical professional.

Massage therapy includes different techniques that are being used differently in distinct parts of the world. These techniques can be applied through hands mostly, also sometimes include fingers, feet, knees, elbows, etc. even devices have been designed for such purposes.

Massage Therapy’s History

Massage therapy has many longest historic pieces of evidence and can be dated thousands of years back. Because under (almost all) ancient historical pieces of evidence you can find massage therapies’ relevancy. For instance, ancient Japan, Egypt, China, Arab nations, Greece, etc.

In America (US) massage therapy was introduced by Sweden qualified two American Physicians and gradually it gained popularity. During the Renaissance period (the 1850s almost) massage started widely used by the European countries.

In the 20th century, massage therapy as a profession got to its peak level, because under (specifically) 1930 to 1940 scientific development was rapidly growing. And in under last decades of the 20th century to till today massage is considered very important, especially for players like athletes.

How do Massage Therapists select the form of massage for a person?

Different people/patients are given different massage forms, the selection depends upon their problem (medical issues). Plus the therapist first takes their history (medical history). Most of all, the priority of the patient is taken first so that they can get the same relaxing results they desire.

According to such points, people get their selected massage form or the one that suits them better (according to the therapist’s recommendation). Also, during a massage, therapists take care of the relaxation level of the patient, which is most important of all.

Application of the Process

Massage therapies are given in different places, mostly these are given in the private offices of the therapists. But can also be given at nursing houses, hospitals, fitness centers, etc. some therapists also give the services at the patient’s home or even at their offices.

During the massage, the patient is asked to lie on a table or some flat surface. He/she should be undressed or come under a loose dressing form so that the process can be applied smoothly. Specific oils are used before the massage to make the patient’s skin smooth for contact. The process can be of a short period like 10 minutes and can last up to hours too.

Beneficial Effects of the Massage over body

On a general basis, it is considered that Massage helps in getting better and relaxed body condition, which is observed under most patients who have gone through the process. But there are very few evidence basis researches that describe the massage benefits.

Because science has only a little evidence about how massage works and how it affects the body parts differently. Besides, this is evident that even a single massage session helps in reducing the anxiety and stress level of the patient and also reduces the stiffness of muscles quite effectively.

Plus, massage is also helpful in maintaining the heart rate and blood pressure of a person. After multiple sessions of its patient can feel much out of the depression level which he was in because of his disease. Also, clinical trials have shown massage as a benefit under back pain too.

Side Effects of the Massage Therapy

There are certain risk factors of the massage, although they can be avoided with a caring attitude. First and foremost of all, massage should be performed by a professional or trainer, otherwise, a layman can cause certain damage to the applied area because of a lack of knowledge of techniques.

Secondly, techniques should be selected according to the medical history of the patient like bleeding disorder person can get some issues with vigorous massage technique easily. So, be careful while selecting a form and person for the massage you are going to take.


The article above explains what is massage therapy (Everything you need to know about massage). This will surely help you in getting awareness about massage and how you should proceed to get the process.

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